Fame and INFAMY are fleeting

Jimmie Sue Finger Gambrel’s death  in prison at age 61 drew hundreds of “hits” today on my blog.  But most of the people I talked to in person or by phone had never heard of her.   True, many were not even born when Jimmie Sue went to prison 22 years ago.  But many more were.  Her story of persuading her teenage lover to kill her husband saturated the Atlanta area media for several months.   Its infamy was enough to attract ABC television which made it into a movie.   But today when I mentioned Gambrel’s name, typical answers were, “I don’t believe I know the lady.”    “That name seems familiar, but I can’t place her.” and “Was she in a movie?”    Her character was in the movie, “Stay The Night”.     How soon we forget if we ever knew.  Infamy too is fleeting.



3 Responses to “Fame and INFAMY are fleeting”

  1. Donna Says:

    Where can i find her obit…I am an old friend of hers from when she lived in Mass.

    • Don McClellan Says:

      Donna, I never found an obit. The family may have chosen not to publish one. My official information came from the Georgia Department of Corrections.

  2. Donna Says:

    Thank you, I found her daughters & sister on facebook, they have not responded, it saddens me to see her last photo, she was strikingly beautiful when she was young….Donna

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