NFL-Republicans Debate-Braves Baseball

The debate among the candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination had some tough competition Monday evening.  In the NFL, the Dolphins were hosting the Patriots.  The spiraling downward Braves took on the Marlins in Atlanta.  The political debate was predictable.   The Republicans got the biggest cheers from the audience when they were attacking President Obama instead of each other.  There was  a mildly entertaining exchange between Texas Governor Rick Perry and  Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  It revolved around the Texas Governor using an executive order to require that eleven and twelve-year-old school girls get a vaccine.   The vaccine would reduce a sexually transmitted disease that causes cervical cancer.  Perry said he made a mistake…that he should not have used an executive order but rather should have taken the issue to the Texas Legislature.   Bachmann accused Perrry of signing the order partially because the vaccine maker, Merck & Co., contributed to Perry’s  campaign for Governor.  Perry answered that he had raised 30-million dolllars for his campaign…that Merck had only given him 5-thousand….then added if  Bachmann thought he could be bought for 5-thousand, he was offended.  Bachmann let Perry off the hook.  She said she was offended for the eleven and twelve-year-old girls.   Perhaps, she should have asked Perry how much it would take to buy him.  On the other hand, that kind of blow to the solar plexis might have hurt Bachmann’s chances more than Perry’s.  New England beat Miami…and the Braves and Marlins went into extra innings.  Marlins win in 12 innings 5-4.


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