Emission Inspections

It’s auto emissions testing time again for me.  I took one of our vehicles this morning for its test.   This is the 15th year since Georgia began requiring the annual emissions testing.   During those 15 years, state authorities say two-million polluting vehicles have been identified and repaired.   Today,   I took a cat- nap in the waiting room while the tech did his thing.     In less than 15 minutes, the tech was tapping my shoulder and inviting me outside.   He told me had “good news and bad news.”   The good news:   the vehicle passed  except for……     The “except for” was the bad news:    the 15-year-old BMW 328 needed a new gas cap.  That news wasn’t all that bad.   The cap cost me $5.71 at a nearby parts store.  Why does the law require us to get most vehicles tested every year?    Georgia inspection enforcers say, “it helps to clean the air we breathe and detects small problems on vehicles before they become bigger ones.”


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