Mark Macphail

Who is Mark Macphail?   Where have I heard that name before?  Mark Allen Macphail  is connected to  a Georgia murder case that has gained international attention.   Many people know the name of convicted   murderer Troy Davis, but I wonder how many can name his victim.  Davis and his attorneys have been battling to save Davis from death by lethal injection.  They support their case with recantation of testimony by witnesses, and  three jurors who say they would not have convicted if they knew what they know now.    What they now know is hearsay testimony that another man confessed  that he    not Davis killed Savannah police officer Mark Macphail more than 22 years ago.  Mark Macphail’s mother is not convinced.    Both state and federal courts have rejected Davis’ bid for a new trial.   The Georgia Pardon and Parole Board Monday heard arguments from both sides.  Davis is scheduled to die Wednesday evening at a prison in Jackson, Georgia..about 60 miles south of Atlanta.   Mark Macphail’s mother is among those waiting for the decision from the Pardon and Parole board members.  Their individual votes will be secret and sometimes are made over the phone via a conference call.  THE FIVE-MEMBER PARDON AND PAROLE BOARD’S DECISION CAME TUESDAY MORNING.  THEY REFUSED TO STOP DAVIS’ SCHEDULED EXECUTION.    THE LETHAL INJECTION IS SET FOR SOMETIME AFTER 7 P.M. WEDNESDAY (SEPTEMBER 21, 2011).


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