Renewing your driver’s license

Stacy Johnson Don McClellan

This is Stacy Johnson with me at the Georgia Department of Driver Services.   Stacy is the manager of the Canton Highway office of the DDS in Marietta.   In Georgia, most of the time, you can renew your driver’s license by mail.  But every 5 years you have to go for an eye test and get an up to date picture and description.  It’s a staggered system that has each driver renewing near  his or her approaching birthday.  My how things have changed since my last visit 5 years ago.  Instead of one long line and one camera, each cubicle has its own camera and eye testing unit.  There are more than a dozen cubicles at the Canton Highway office.   There’s also a waiting area with plenty of seats and automated voice that calls you to the next available clerk-tester.   The best part of my experience today was the contact with the courteous and friendly men and women, led by manager Stacy Johnson.   I was quickly through the process taking home my new temporary license  It’ll be good until the 5-year one arrives in the mail. For me, the renewal was free as it is in Georgia for all veterans of the military.  I appreciate it!!


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