Straw poll

This morning, I had my radio on as I wasI preparing to leave for my early morning  running-exercise session.  I thought I heard someone on the radio say that only people who paid were allowed to vote in the Florida straw poll.  I thought surely I must have misheard.    But this evening,  a search engine produced several articles that suggest  that  contrary to my wife’s belief,  I can still hear.  Those reports explained that this was a gathering of Republican delegates selected at the local level.   They each had to pay upward of 6-hundred dollars to attend the two day convention and cast their ballots.  One analyst suggested this means that only well-heeled Republicans could vote, not the average Republican in Florida.  Nevertheless, the Florida straw poll has picked the Republican nominee 5 times, including Presidents Reagan and Bush the first.  That’s one of the facts Herman Cain is emphasizing as he revels in the glow of his Florida political sunshine.


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