Shaving cream

My daily shaving routine usually takes place in a jacuzzi.  I remember when shaving gel first came on the market.   It took me awhile to try it.  What always puzzled me is how a small blob of gel no larger than a finger nail can produce more than enough cream to cover your face and neck.  I’m guessing the multiplication factor is more than one-hundred.  I’ve searched for an explanation (not exhaustively searched) but the only articles I’ve found compare gel with foam.    One article condemned both because they contain alcohol.  The writer believes that alcohol is not good for the skin.  I’m not a newbie when it comes to shaving.  I go back to the days when those Burma Shave signs were strung out along the highways.   Each sign would have a line from a ryhme that always ended with “Burma Shave.”  Here’s an example:  “If your peach(1st sign) keeps out of reach (2nd sign)Better practice(3rd sign) What we preach(4th sign) Burma Shave(last sign).   Those were entertaining even for a young boy not old enough to shave.


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