Junk closets and drawers

On the left is one of my junk closets.   I’m ashamed to admit we have more than one.  The story of a junk closet has been repeated over the years in the “Blondie” cartoon strip.   It had more action when played out in “Blondie” movies.   Dagwood would open the closet door and be covered in an avalanche of junk.  How do closets get into such condition?  With us, it’s usually because we get in a hurry.  We don’t want junk lying out in the open when guests are coming.   So we just throw it…. often push and stuff it into a closet.  Close the door and it stays nested until the next time you open the door.   Be prepared to get out of the way.  When’s the last time you searched for a missing item thinking you might have put it into one of your junk closets?   You pull stuff out looking for a particular thing.  More often than not, I take everything out, but don’t find the object of my search.   So of course, I stuff everything back recreating the junk closet rather than take time to arrange stuff properly.

We have a junk drawer too.   It’s more manageable.   We can take the drawer out and turn it upside down.   It’s a lot easier to find a lost item in a junk drawerl


One Response to “Junk closets and drawers”

  1. Ted Says:

    I am reminded of the old radio show Fibber McGee and Molly. I too have a closer, a drawer actually 2 and since retirement i have a corner close to my Lazy Boy chair that provides instant hunt and find access.

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