Our adaptability

It’s not the cold, it’s  the dramatic change in the temperature that causes us discomfort.   Today’s “cold” will be tomorrow’s “warm”.   It always reminds me of our ability to adapt.  My first memory of the ambient extreme cold was a Cheyenne winter.   While in the Air Force, I was stationed at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming.   A coal-fired furnace heated our barracks.  The airman assigned to shovel the coal into the furnace during the night fell asleep.  Several of us awakened with frost bites.   It was 40 degrees below zero outside.  We adapted, but I’ll always have the memory of a frost-bitten nose.  

I’ve also learned how cold you feel sometimes is more contingent on how quickly the temperature drops than how cold it actually is.  While in Vietnam as a reporter, it would be uncomfortably hot during the day.  After sunset, I would begin shivering.  I had only my two-piece fatigues.   I prayed for the dawn and the sun.     I hardly slept.

There have been so many times, I’ve been out in the cold while covering stories for WSB-Television.   But we wear as many layers as we need to make it bearable.  We adapt.


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