Steve Jobs’ warts

On CBS’  “60 Minutes” Sunday (10-23-11) there’s a story based on an upcoming book about the late Steve Jobs.    The writer  is Walter Isaacson, a former “Time Magazine” editor.  Isaacson says he wrote the authorized biography at the request of Jobs.    Isaacson did several audio taped interviews with Jobs as part of his research.  I only watched the first 20  minutes of the CBS piece, but it appears that Isaacson followed Jobs’ request that he include warts and all.  While acknowledging Jobs’  genius, he writes that Jobs believed that the “rules” did not apply to him.  For example, he would park in handicapped spaces.   Isaacson cited one car for which Jobs refused to buy a tag.  Remember the cliche’, “a rich person who behaves peculiarly is called “eccentric”.     The rest of us are called “crazy”.  I’m tapeing the rest of the “Sixty Minutes” program for watching later.  I’m not sure what difference it makes what other people think of you when you’re gone, but if we can believe Isaacson, it apparently made a difference to Jobs.


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