Political and broadcasting magpies

Websters defines “magpie” as a chatterbox…or a garrulous gossiper.  It reminds me of politicians during an election cycle.  However, their gossip often is not idle.   It is spoken or written to pander to the passions and prejudices of their listeners and readers.    Call them demagogues.  There was an example in our mail today.   Its headline is “Save Medicare”.     The message called on us to save medicare by contributing to a political party’s campaign.   Similar demagogic appeals arrive regularly from both major political parties.  It’s aimed at gaining or retaining power.   What is equally disappointing are the broadcasting magpies.  Some will protest that they’re only entertainers.   Perhaps they are…perhaps they are.  Perhaps they and the political magpies should join together at the comedy club where no one will take them seriously.


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