“Sorry for the inconvenience…”

 After a foul-up, how often do you hear from a company’s representative, “sorry for the inconvenience….”?    This has become  a  meaningless phrase.  I suspect some public relations person labored long, probably not hard, to create this cliche’.  May I suggest those PR people go back to the idea room and simply train their represenatives to tell us what steps they’re taking to reduce their errors.  I don’t want to hear that they’re sorry for the inconvenience.  What are you doing to reduce the chances of it happening again?


One Response to ““Sorry for the inconvenience…””

  1. Ned Puddleman Says:

    The people you talk to on the phone are not paid to take care of your problem or prevent another one from happening. They are paid to sell you more services when you call. Therefore they are trained on how to apologize and then move into sales mode. They certainly don’t want to fix your problem from happening again because it is another chance for you call them and have them try to sell you something.

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