Herman Cain’s Accusers should put up or shut up

…if they can’t prove their accusations, they should apologize.  During my more than half a century as a journalist, I’ve listened to many a politician lie and lie again to cover up their lies.   However, those that have been clearly guilty were found out by the evidence.   For example, the tapes and the blanks in them proved to be the undoing of Richard Nixon.   For Bill Clinton, it was the stained dress.  Is there any evidence to back up the stories being told by Cain’s accusers.  If the accusers are telling lies, their coaches may get just the opposite effect of what they intended.


One Response to “Herman Cain’s Accusers should put up or shut up”

  1. Phyllis (Kelley) Alexander Says:

    Hi Don, my name is Phyllis (Kelley) Alexander. I used to work at WSB on Peachtree back in 1968-70. I worked in data-processing with Bess Kelly, Duane Hellman.

    Irv Quvas was among the news reporter and Bill Moore was one of the Tech-Directors. Are you the only person remaining out of all the employees? What was your job title back then? I can remember Mr. Howell was a radio announcer. Billy Jean Williams was there along with Ruth Kent on “Today in Georgia”.

    By the way, it is nice to know that Mr. Herman Cain worked for WSB radio.

    I just wanted to see how things and people have changed since I left WSB. I really enjoyed working there and would love to hear from you! Thank you!

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