“Never again….”

This is my wife, Gisela, in a class she’s teaching on “Women in Aviation.”  The retired engineer accepted the opportunity at Mercer Senior University in Atlanta.  Gisela’s a voracious reader so perhaps she thought that researching course material would be a snap.  It wasn’t.    For the past two or three months, she’s spent much of her time reading and preparing   power-point presentations.  I admire her self-discipline for accuracy and detail.    She seems to have enjoyed the experience, but when last night she wrapped up the preparation for her final session, she rejoiced and said with some emotion, “never again…”  I often said, “never again…” after completing a marathon, but ran them again, again and again.  The memories of the pain diminish as the feeling of acc0mplishment lingers.  I won’t be suprised if Gisela  too returns…returns to teaching again, again and again!


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