Roof-top antennae

During the early years of television, I  often climbed around on my roof  installing and adjusting roof-top antennae.   It included dropping cables through the walls to the televisions.   If you had more than one TV, you needed a splitter and amplifier to increase the strength of the signal.  There were VHF (Very High Frequency) antennae for channels 2 thru 13…UHF (Ultra High Frequency) for channels 14 and above.  With cable channels, satellite receivers and stations switching transmissions from analog to digital, you rarely see the roof-top antennae any more.   But today (Tuesday), I spied one in my own neighborhood.  The falling leaves may have revealed what’s been there for awhile.  A roof-top antennae can be a big money saver if you’re satisfied with the major network stations and the local independents.  For me, there’s a certain nostalgia in seeing that these reminders of the past still are up there, but I have no desire to be climbing around on roofs any more..


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