The dream

Ray Craddick is the retired professor who specializes in dream interpretation.   Today, (Wednesday) I told Ray my dream.   The dream began with my son, Scott, and I running in a race together.   Scott once was very fast.   I was running the tangents knowing that tangents are the shortest way to navigate a course.   At one of the tangents, Scott was no longer beside me, but it appeared that I was leading the race because for awhile, no one else was in sight.  Suddenly, two youngsters, no older than 12, came up beside me.  They were grinning up at me, but didn’t say a word as they moved on.  Then I saw what appeared to be the finish.   It was several hundred yards away, mostly downhill.   At this point, a man who  was short and stocky and didn’t look fast pulled along beside me.  We sprinted together toward the finish.   It occurred to me that I could fly so I stretched out into my flying mode reaching for the finish.   The next thing I remember is that this man and I were in an area at the finish on separate gurneys perpendicular to each other.   Several women  were trying to make us comfortable.  I thought that they must be nurses.   The short-stocky runner on the other gurney told one of the women to bring him some saline water.   I asked him if he were a physician.   He said yes.   The women whispered,  “I’ll bet we could learn a lot from him.”    The physician soon walked away leaving me on the gurney with the women around me.  At this point, I awakened and realized it was a dream.

Tomorrow, I’ll write how Ray interpreted my race fantasy.


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