Dream interpretation

Retired professor Ray Craddick’s interpretation of my dream is mixed with some of my own thoughts.

Running is a logical venue for my dreams because I’ve run so many years.  My memories of the many thrills my son, Scott,  gave me when he ran competitively explain why he’s beside me in the early part of the race.  Ray says my dream is full of energy and reflects my life being involved with so many ideas and activities.  The short-stocky runner could be a personification of the many physicians I know…and the women.. the nurses that have cared for me during so many medical procedures.  Ray says death could be the finish line and the unknown beyond.   Professor Craddick firmly believes that dreams often contain the answers to many mysteries.    He told me some flattering things he believes my dreams reveal about me.   I appreciate it, but what he said in that regard shall remain a mystery.


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