TV Speak

A friend gave me an an article in which the writer criticizes how some “professionals” speak on TV.  The author is Christine Whitaker of the Leader Post.  I’m unfamiliar with the publication, but very empathetic with her criticisms.   Ms. Whitaker writes, “Lazy pronunciation is becoming increasingly prevalent.  Too often we hear from the weather ‘senner’ that we are ‘gonna’ see temperatures in the ‘twennies’, and that we might ‘wanna’ get out the sun screen.”   

She doesn’t spare news anchors or sports reporters either.  She says they are guilty of “congradulations”, “innerviews”, and a myriad of other mispronounciations.  The columnist also cringes at the “many errors of usage and grammar.” 

Ms. Whitaker may be tilting at windmills, but I’m happy to see her try.


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