Eye Exam

Dr. Paul Suji

Optometrist Dr. Paul Suji examing my eyeglasses before examining my eyes.   It had been more than 4 years since I last saw an optometrist.  He squirted the fluid that dilated my eyes as part of the exam.   Among other things, the Peruvian-born Dr. Suji found that some parts of my eyes had grown stronger since my last visit.   He also found cataracts that may evenually have to be removed.  I’m going to watch them (pun intended) for six months to see if they get worse.  If we do decide on surgery, Dr. Suji tells me an opthalmologist would typically charge about 5-thousand dollars with most of it paid by insurance.  The member of the Smyrna Eye Group painted a glowing picture of the results.  He says ALL of his patients who’ve had the surgery tell him they wished they’d had it done a long time ago.  I could see clearly when Dr.Suji told me I was OK to drive less than 15 minutes after dilating my eyes.  On my mind tonight is should I have the surgery right away or watch and wait?


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