My wife wasn’t feeling well so I was scrounging to prepare dinner.   I found a container of frozen leftover turkey-cabbage roll in the freezer.  The container was plastic.   I thought to warm it up in the freezer.  Four-hundred degrees seemed about right to melt the solidly frozen entree’.     About 40 minutes later, I opened the oven door.  Surprise:  the cabbage-turkey dish was tastefully warm, but the plastic container was melted along its edges.  My wife laughed when she saw my failure at warming up her well prepared dish.   What should I have done to dislodge it from the plastic container.  My wife’s insrtuctions for next time:    dip the plastic into some hot water for a few minutes. 
The cabbage-turkey will pop right out into a plate or something else that will withstand a meltdown.


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