Serial killer slain by an Angel

In today’s Atlanta Journal Constitution,  there’s a story about serial killer Paul John Knowles and one of his apparent victims.  Knowles was in the Douglas county, Georgia jail when I talked with him in 1974.   He was like so many other killers.  Knowles regarded his actions as “out of body” experiences.   A few weeks after I talked with Knowles, Douglas County Sheriff Earl Lee and GBI Agent Ron Angel were transporting him in the sheriff’s car.  Knowles had told them he would lead them to where he’d left an officer’s gun….an officer who was one of more than 18 people he admitted murdering.  The sheriff told me that Knowles somehow managed to pick the lock in his handcuffs.  From the back seat, the killer reached for the sheriff’s gun.   GBI Agent Angel was in the front passenger seat.  Before Knowles could get the sheriff’s weapon, Angel spun around and shot him dead.

Paul John Knowles

The story in today’s AJC says that now Georgia authorities have linked Knowles to a heretofore unsolved 1974 murder.  The victim was then 13-year-old Ima Jean Sanders of Warner Robins.  Authorities made the connection using DNA evidence.   I remember the late Sheriff Lee telling me shortly after Angel killed Knowles, “…that_________ won’t be murdering anybody else.”


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