In the can for the holidays

If you watch WSB-Television during the holidays, you may have noticed an unusual number of “human- interest” stories.   For example today (Wednesday) we had a tale about the fellow who has furnished the University of Georgia mascot, UGA, since the first  UGA, more than half a century ago.  I reported the UGA anecdote at least twice during the 60s, 70s, and 80s.   We traveled to the donor’s home near Savannah.   Our reporter’s narrative this year was on the sidelines at the University of Georgia in Athens during a game several weeks ago.  The background for the story was out of date because we put it “in the can”.  We were preparing for the holidays when more reporters and sources than usual would be away on vacation.    Regardless of the time of year, we have to fill the time.  As a viewer, I prefer the human- interest  “stories in the can”, but apparently I’m in the minority…witness the tales that dominate the other times of the year.


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