Without glasses?

Today (Friday) I made a tentative commitment to have surgery that’s supposed to allow me to see clearly without glasses.  I had 20-20 vision during much of my life.  My first surrender to age was drug-store reading glasses, then progressive lens that changed with the light.  A recent examination showed that cataracts are developing in my eyes natural lens.  An Opthamologist told me my eyesight would get progressively worse if I Idid nothing.  My second option is to replace my natural lens with a clear implant.   The catracts would be gone, but I’d still have to wear reading glasses. My insurance would pick up most of that tab.   I’ve chosen the third option:  a lens implant that also would eliminate the need for reading glasses.  It involves a little more risk and the procedure will cost me about $2,600. out of pocket for each eye.  I’ll let you know how it comes out.  In the meantime, if any of you have had the procedure, I’d appreciate knowing how it worked for you.


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