Political strategy

As I write this, TV pundits are speculating about who is going to win the Republican Presidential race in Iowa.   Most are saying it’s “too close to call.”   Romney, Santorum and Paul are tied.  All three have 23 percent.  The post Iowa recommened political strategy that caught my ear came from the 2008 campaign manager for Mike Huckabee.   Huckabee won Iowa, but faltered after that.  What advise would the campaign manager offer to the winner in Iowa?   He said that the top finisher in Iowa should then invest his or her time in New Hampshire and South Carolina.  The political strategist feels the Huckaee campaign went awry by spending too  much time in Michigan at the expense of time lost in South Carolina.  I’m going to bed.  I awake to learn that Romney wins by 8 votes over Santorum with Paul in third.  On to New Hampshire.


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