The Gas Leak

A Utility work sign in our neighborhood heralds the end of a series of events that began a few weeks ago.  Today (Tuesday), a friend (George) and I were returning from a walk-run.   As we approached my house, George asked me if I smelled gas. (the chemical they put in gas so it can be detected).   No, I wasn’t detecting anything, but my friend has a sense of smell like a bird dog.    He said it sure smelled like gas to him.  As a reporter who has covered many gas explosions, I thought it best to call the gas company and have them decide if my friend was right.  He was.   A gas company rep rang our doorbell.   He told me he found a leak in the tap that goes to my next-door neighbor’s home, but it wasn’t  urgently dangerous.   The rep told me they’d send someone to repair the leak within 28 days.

The two-man crew arrived in a little more than two weeks.   I’m guessing it took them a little more than two hours to do the job.  George assures me that the smell is gone.   Had it not been for his bird-dog talents, the gas leak story could have had a tragically different ending.


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