Dentists and “The Godfather”

My day (Wednesday) began with a workout at Emory University’s Bloymeyer health club.     I was feeling a bit of apprehension for another appointment coming up later in the morning…probably more than I was willing to admit to myself.   An emergency 9:10 p.m. dental appointment was with specialist Dr. Mollie Winston in the heart of Atlanta’s Buckhead district.     I had moderate pain in the area of my right upper teeth.   It had become increasingly intolerable.

Dr. Mollie Winston

A dentist running friend had recommended Dr. Winston as one of the best, if not THE best in the field of tooth implants.  She was constulting with my general dentist, Dr. Chris Shim.

What was to have been an hour of emergency surgery became 5 or 6 hours in dental chairs and my driving back and forth  between  dental offices. Winston’s and Shim’ offices are 25 minutes apart.  The final score 

Dr. Chris Shim

 today:  2 extractions , 2 implants, and removal of a bridge and reinserting it for more work later.  For now the pain is gone.   With gauze in my mouth, I now fully understand how Marlon Brando was able to create the title character in “The Godfather”.  I can also report that my running dental friend was right about Dr. Winston.  Dr. Shim’s not too shabby either/


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