Blooming in January

Smyrna, Georgia USA

The temperature this morning (Thursday) in Smyrna, Georgia was 47 degrees.  So perhaps it should not be surprising to see bushes blooming as if it were Spring.  The predictions are for a.m. temps below freezing the next couple of days.  By Sunday, it’s supposed to warm up again.

The blooms may be able to survive two days of early morning temps in the 20s.   You all in the frozen north, can flee to the south, but there’s no guarantee the cold weather won’t follow you.    It has in the past, but what have you got to lose…come on down!

One Response to “Blooming in January”

  1. Don Eller Says:

    Congratulations on another Hogpen race. My dear friend, Teddy Lee, made this 2012 race his 27 th consecutive run. He’s told me a few times about you passing him on your way down as he neared the top.Teddy said you gave him encouragement and fuel to keep going. Many stories about this race are logged in memory.

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