Hogpen Gap

Early Saturday morning, I’ll be heading toward a place called “Hogpen Gap”.  It’s near the town of Helen in the north Georgia mountains.  There’ll be two foot races.  One is a 5K (3.1) miles that running Guru Gary Jenkins named the “Piglet”.  The longer 17K goes up the steep Richard Russell Highway ending near the top at “Hogpen Gap”.   The gap is no longer used for its original purpose.   Before they built the Richard Russell Highway, farmers constructed a fence in that area.  They would herd wild hogs down the mountain and trap them against the fence.  Slaughtering the porkers provided meat throughout the winter.   Thus “Hogpen Gap” earned its name.   It’ll be the destination and  self imposed torture for runners climbing upward 25-hundred feet above sea level.  Come join the fun.  There is race day registration.   5K at 9 a.m.    Hogpen Gap 17K begins at noon..


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