Just running in the hail

Photographer Judy Kinsell with me

At this point before the 5K “Piglet Run”, we’ve only been rained on.  The 3.1 mile P:iglet run is the shorter version of  18K (10.8 mile) Hogpen.  There was a time when I would run both the Piglet and Hogpen one after the other, but no more.  These are Saturday morning and noon runs near Helen,Georgia..about 90 miles north of  Atlanta.  Less than half way thru the Piglet run, the rain turned to hail.   The publisher of the “Georgia Runner”, Gary Jenkins, has coordinated thousands of races.  Gary says he’ s seen them run in snow, sleet and rain accompanied by thunder and lightning, but this is the first time he’s seen hail during a run.   It was miserable, wet and cold.


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