Bestoink Dooley

Please read Bestoink Dooley’s comment about the Officer Don shows.  Actor George Ellis created Bestoink to introduce scary movies on WAGA-TV.  That was during the 60s.   It’s encouraging to hear from know that both he and George still are among the living.    You can see elsewhere on this blog stories about Officer Don, a.ka. Don Kennedy.   Bestoink, you can also watch several clips from Kennedy’s show.   Don told me would never have had an opportunity to save those had it not been for his trying to help another Kids’ TV personality in a city outside of Atlanta.  The other city guy asked Don for a tape so he might learn from Don’s success. After watching it, he sent the tape back to Don and Don has kept it all these years.   That’s why  you’re still able to see snippets of Don’s performances.   Wonder if Bestoink saved similar tapes?


3 Responses to “Bestoink Dooley”

  1. Janice Duncan Says:

    Don I loved Officer Don and Bestoink Dooley too!! Those were the days!!


  2. Bee Man Says:

    I thought George Ellis died some time back….

  3. Alan Wellborne Says:

    Seeing these photos brought back wonderful memories of such good times. Time before college, before going to Vietnam, before becoming a responsible tax payer and husband/father. I will cherish those memories forever. Bestoink was part of our culture in Atlanta and my Cub Scout troop appeared on the Officer Don show once.

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