Lasered toes

For most of my athletic life, I’ve tried many treatments to make my toes look better.   Some have reduced the fungus infection, but never eliminated it.   So today (Monday), I went for the latest, greatest and highest priced.  I’m about to be lasered.

Dr. William Stoll-Natalia Martinez

Meet Podiatrist Dr. William Stoll and his assistant, Natalia Martinez.  They are prepping me for laser treatment of the toenails.   Dr. Stoll tells me that one treatment usually is enough, but two treatments are not unusual.   One-thousand dollars is the cost for as many times as you may need to be lasered.  It’s out of pocket…insurance companies and medicare will not pay.  Bill Carter is the laser tech.   Bill recently returned to work after the second of two hip replacements.   He says he’s recovered much faster than expected.   After the lasering, I’ll be following a routine of regularly sterilizing my toes, socks and shoes.  The doctor and the tech say it’ll be about 3 months before we know whether the lasering works.

   I failed to ask about a refund if it doesn’t.

Tech Bill Carter


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