How can anyone?

How can anyone see what we saw in court today and continue to drink alocholic beverages in any amount?    There were the family and friends of an Atlanta Police Officer killed by an alleged drunken driver and the 22-year-old accused driver crying.    Her devasted mother was sitting behind her.  I’m guessing the young woman thought she could drink without anything bad ever happening to her.    How many others out there are thinking the same think as they continue to drink alcohol?


One Response to “How can anyone?”

  1. Walter Little, Jr. Says:

    Don, I might be wrong, but I think what might scare the young people away from drinking and driving is a trip to the morgue. What I mean, is before getting their permanent license, one of the provisions needs to be that they visit the morgue in the county where they reside and see first hand what happens when you drink and drive.

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