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Hogpen Gap

January 21, 2012

Early Saturday morning, I’ll be heading toward a place called “Hogpen Gap”.  It’s near the town of Helen in the north Georgia mountains.  There’ll be two foot races.  One is a 5K (3.1) miles that running Guru Gary Jenkins named the “Piglet”.  The longer 17K goes up the steep Richard Russell Highway ending near the top at “Hogpen Gap”.   The gap is no longer used for its original purpose.   Before they built the Richard Russell Highway, farmers constructed a fence in that area.  They would herd wild hogs down the mountain and trap them against the fence.  Slaughtering the porkers provided meat throughout the winter.   Thus “Hogpen Gap” earned its name.   It’ll be the destination and  self imposed torture for runners climbing upward 25-hundred feet above sea level.  Come join the fun.  There is race day registration.   5K at 9 a.m.    Hogpen Gap 17K begins at noon..


Jumping out of an airplane

January 20, 2012

A few years ago, I enjoyed my first and only skydive in tandem with an instructor.  I’m thinking about doing it again, but my pilot-engineer son asks rhetorically, “why jump out of a perfectly good airplane?”    I’m only thinking about it……

Is there anything new?

January 19, 2012

Do you ever think your life is like the movie, “Groundhog Day”?   As you watch, listen to or read the news, does it seem like you’re seeing the same thing over and over?  You may be but the people involved often change.  It was in an unknown time long ago that journalists (story tellers) learned that listeners want to hear from what we today call “real people”.     Authority figures can tell the facts, but it’s “real people” with whom real people identify.  For example, we go into a neighbordhood where a crime has been committed.  We ask neighbors who often know absolutely nothing about the crime or the people involved what they think about what’s happened.   One of the answers that’s been heard so often that it’s become a cliche’, “…I never thought anything like this could happen in our neighborhood…..”.  But it did and it will again and again in other communities.   Similar events will occur.   The mortality of individuals means that new people will experience them.   It’s news to them.  


Pay little attention to what politicians say.

January 18, 2012

Give all your attention to what they do.  You shall know them by their deeds.  It’s equally true about non-politicians.

Loving what you do!

January 17, 2012

Susie Dorminy is a 10-year-old who lives in Henry County just south of Atlanta,

Susie Dorminy (age 10)

She runs in scores of races each year most always with a smile on her face.   The 10-year-0ld usually wins her age group.  Today, Monday, she was the top female overall in the 1929  10.5K run near Hampton, Georgia.  Her 10.5 winning time was 58:28!   The 3-distances (5K-10.5K-5K) are named in honor of the birth year of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   Susie’s mother, Ann Dorminy, says her daughter loves to run.  I’m guessing that her loving the sport is one of the main contributors to her success.   She did all 3 races today.  
The time on the clock shows her finishing the 10.5K.   Would that we all love what we do as much as Susie loves running!


January 16, 2012

In earlier postings on this blog, you can see and hear brief interviews with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and James Earl Ray.  Ray was a prisoner at Brushy Mountain State Prison in Tennessee when he agreed to  talk with me on camera  .   We interviewed Dr. King in many different locations.    Most of them were in Atlanta.   He usually made us wait.   We learned early on that he was on CPT.    I remember when he came to a scheduled  2 p.m.   news conference at 2:30.   Perhaps in a humorous attempt to explain his tardiness, King rhetorically asked if we didn’t know that he was on CPT…Colored People Time.   James Earl Ray was on time the first and only time I interviewed him in person.   The prison guards controlled his schedule.    As we observe MLK day Monday, how will you spend your time?  Do you believe that Ray was the assassin..the only assassin of the Baptist minister?

National Anthem

January 15, 2012

People have many styles today playing and vocalizing the American National Athem.  Some I like, some I don’t and some I can tolerate.  Today in the Museum of Aviation at Robins Air Force Base, I saw and heard a rendition that I liked..very much.  The all male choral group  sang in harmony…no off key sounds that some call singing.  We were about 100 miles south of Atlanta for the “Robins Pacers”  5K, half-marathon and full marathon.  The temperature was below freezing when the half and full marathoners began.   It was 8 a.m.   The 5Kers would start 15 minutes later.   It was a splendid morning for running and listening to a pleasing version of the Star Spangled Banner.  I’m thinking Francis Scott Key would be proud.

A bedside manner

January 14, 2012

I returned to see my dentist today, Dr. Chris Shim.

Dr. Chris Shim

It was a post surgery visit.   We wanted to decide what to do next while the body is healing from oral surgery.  The point of this posting is to point out that some doctors and dentissts are excellent technicians, but haven’t yet mastered the art of the “bedside or chairside manner”.  Still at a very young age, based on his treatment of me, Dr. Shim would get an A++ in the bedside-chairside class! .  Up very early tomorrow for a race in sub- freezing temperatures.  Goodnight!

Blooming in January

January 13, 2012

Smyrna, Georgia USA

The temperature this morning (Thursday) in Smyrna, Georgia was 47 degrees.  So perhaps it should not be surprising to see bushes blooming as if it were Spring.  The predictions are for a.m. temps below freezing the next couple of days.  By Sunday, it’s supposed to warm up again.

The blooms may be able to survive two days of early morning temps in the 20s.   You all in the frozen north, can flee to the south, but there’s no guarantee the cold weather won’t follow you.    It has in the past, but what have you got to lose…come on down!

Dentists and “The Godfather”

January 12, 2012

My day (Wednesday) began with a workout at Emory University’s Bloymeyer health club.     I was feeling a bit of apprehension for another appointment coming up later in the morning…probably more than I was willing to admit to myself.   An emergency 9:10 p.m. dental appointment was with specialist Dr. Mollie Winston in the heart of Atlanta’s Buckhead district.     I had moderate pain in the area of my right upper teeth.   It had become increasingly intolerable.

Dr. Mollie Winston

A dentist running friend had recommended Dr. Winston as one of the best, if not THE best in the field of tooth implants.  She was constulting with my general dentist, Dr. Chris Shim.

What was to have been an hour of emergency surgery became 5 or 6 hours in dental chairs and my driving back and forth  between  dental offices. Winston’s and Shim’ offices are 25 minutes apart.  The final score 

Dr. Chris Shim

 today:  2 extractions , 2 implants, and removal of a bridge and reinserting it for more work later.  For now the pain is gone.   With gauze in my mouth, I now fully understand how Marlon Brando was able to create the title character in “The Godfather”.  I can also report that my running dental friend was right about Dr. Winston.  Dr. Shim’s not too shabby either/