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Walking the day after

February 29, 2012

The doctor says to avoid impact exercises for several days after cataract susrgery.   So today (Tuesday), I went for a WALK with a friend.  You may be able to see that the presciption lens is missing from my left eye.   That’s because the doctor replaced it with a multi-focal implant.  They tell me it’ll be at least 4 days  before my fuzzy vision clears in the eye with the implant.  In the meantime, I’ll continue wearing the external glass prescription lens only on the right eye.  God willing, within the next few weeks, my glasses will be a thing of the past.

In another OR..

February 28, 2012

Here I am today (Monday) in another Operating Room.    I’m like an old used car that keeps getting repairs so it can keep going.  Today was for cataract surgery and the implanting of a multi-focal lens   You’ll notice the little black mark above my left eye to reduce the chances of operating on the wrong eye.   There’s a book  about an infamous real  case in Atlanta where the surgeon did the wrong eye.  The book is titled, “Waking Up Blind”.  If my surgery is successful, it could eliminate the need for glasses!     I could be going back in about 3 weeks to have the second eye done.

Opthamolologist Dr. Jason Brody and his team made it an almost painless experience  It took less than 20 minutes.    Several of my friends have had the surgery.  They were encouraging.   One said it would be “a piece of cake.”    So far he’s right.

Dr. Brody with me. He’s in the mask.

The multi-lens isn’t cheap.   It’s almost 3-thousand dollars per eye (out of pocket).  Most insurance companies will pick up the tab for the mono-lens, but with a mono, you still will likely need reading glasses.

How to find readers’ comments

February 27, 2012

A friend told me he’d like to read some of the viewer comments that I mention.  I thought he already could, but I looked at the home page and discovered that portal seems to have disappeared.   So here’s a backdoor sort of way.  Use google.      As an example, write  Don McClellan blog Billie Sue Finger Gambrel.   It will take you to comment posted about Billie Sue Finger Gambrel or you could write, Andrew De Young, Alec Evans or Officer Don.  All should be preceded by Don McClellan blog. I’m tying to figure out why you can’t take a more direct approach.  In the meantime, please try the extra step  and please let me know if it works for you.   Thanks!

Without running shoes..

February 26, 2012

It’s not all that uncommon that we see someone who chooses to run barefoot in a race.

But today for the first time we saw a runner in his bedroom slippers

but not by choice.    Chris Scammon drove to the “Barrow Boogie 5K” in

Athens, Georgia wearing his bedroom footwear.   He figured to change to his well-padded

running shoes at the race.  However, he forgot to put them in his car.  He had little choice but to run the 3.1 miles in usually comfy bedroom  shoes.,,

comfortable in his house.



Chris Scammon

 But approaching the finish line, the tough ex-paratrooper said he believed that his feet had “become

acquainted with every rock” on the hilly course.  The double winner of the “Silver Star” already had proven
his courage in Vietnam.   Today (Saturday), he demonstrated it again in his bedroom slippers

Jimmie Sue Finger Gambrel, Don Kennedy, Alec Evans,Andrew DeYoung

February 25, 2012

This is an experiment to test the attraction of people to these names.   All but one is a convicted murderer.   The beloved Don Kennedy (Officer Don) is the exception.  It’s gratifying to see that Don attracts more viewers to this blog than the others combined.

Billie Sue remembered bitterly.

February 24, 2012

It often surprises me how people comment on events weeks, months or years after they’re posted on this blog.  There were 4 comments from the same woman waiting for me today.   Gloria vented about the late Jimmie Sue Finger Gambrel.   I trashed one of  Gloria’s messages.   I edited a second for spellng, grammar, capitalization and punctuation.  The last two I leave posted for you as written.

Perfect is as perfect does

February 23, 2012

Forest Gump would likely agree.  You may be perfect one moment and stupid the next.  Passing is getting at least 70 percent perfects with no more than 30 percent stupids.  I fail a lot.

I’m “perfect”

February 22, 2012

I went to the dentist today.   Almost every time I would act on a dental assistant’s command, she would say, “perfect.”   I get a big dose of “perfects” almost every time I go to see a medical professional.  I’m convinced there must be schools that teach students the art of “perfect”.  Though I doubt there are few perfect people in this world, they’re beginning to convince me that I’m among them.

Government and bank employees

February 21, 2012

On this Presidents’ holiday, I was driving across town for my morning workout with the folks at Emory University. Normally, the roads and highways are jam packed, but on this government and bank holiday, it was a breeze.  It causes me to wonder how many government and bank jobs there are in metro Atlanta.  I was talking to a friend at the workout place.  He was leaving there for his job in an operating room.  I suggested they might not be very busy today in the OR..  He said it’s just the opposite.  Many peole have the day off so they use it for their non-critical surgery.  A UPS employee made a delivery to my home late today.  I smilingly asked him why he was working while postal employees were not?   He wasn’t smiling when he answered, “they’re government employees…we’re corporate.”   From all who had the day off,  thank you George Washington, Abe Lincoln,

Surrounded by Sisters

February 20, 2012

Alpha Gamma Delta-University of West Georgia

These are volunteers from the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton.  It’s about 50 miles west of Atlanta.  The sorority sisters are among the many volunteers helping with the “A Step At A Time”  5K to reduce domestic viiolence. The AGD motto is “Surrounded by Sisters”.  The young women are an appropriate group to help raise money for women who are victims of abuse.  Congratulations, and thank you all for encouragingg me and many others to finish Sunday’s 3.1 mile run.