Politicians and athletes

Do you ever think how one group of people who get paid for talking need another group who gets paid for talking.   That would be talk-show demagogues  and politicians.  Both depend on  each other for much of their success.    Remember the lyrics in the love and marriage song, “…Love and marriage…love and marriage…they go together like a horse and carriage… this I tell you brother, you can’t have one without the other.”   With life styles of today, those love and marriage words often are no longer true in today’s society, but many broadcast and print BSers rely on politicians to provide the fodder for their survival.   It’ s not unlike sports writers and athletes who have a symbiotic relationship.   At WSB-Television, there was a time when we called our sports department,” the toy store.”   On the other hand, we  often took politicians seriously when they too were playing games.


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