Spectator or Participant

Regardless of the weather, most of us have a choice every day to be a participant or a specatator.  It’s particularly true on weekends.  A 66-year-old friend of mine told me that his Dad died of a heart attack at  a relatively young age.   Aside from the sadness of losing his father, it was an alarm  that caused him to change his lifestyle from spectator to partcipant.  He now has a running lifestyle which has him racing some place every weekend…sometimes up to 6 races in just two days.  He will tell you that he thinks of it as deposits in the health vault of  life.  Those deposits will  be there when it comes time to make withdrawals.   In the meantime, he’ll be making two more deposits this weekend.  The vaults are in many directions, but you have to start moving to find them.


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