The “Snake” is gone

Our dear friend, Jim Rasnake, has died following abdominal surgery.   Many of his friends called him “Snake”.    The retired 76-year-old stockbroker passed about a week after abdominal surgery.  Jim and I were running competitors who often bemoaned how much we had slowed as we grew older.  In the last year or so, the UGA grad had given up running altogether.   Jim was a reserve  football lineman on the Bulldog practice squad.   As a spectator, the “Snake” bled bulldog red.  Until his health deteriorated, the UGA devotee told me had not missed a bulldog home game since his graduation.   Jim’s obit is in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution  Saturday, February 11.  His memorial service will be Monday at 10:30 a.m.   Through most of our races, Jim usually beat me to the finish line.   He’s done it again.


7 Responses to “The “Snake” is gone”

  1. Cindy and Brian Gallagher Says:

    My husband worked with Mr. Rasnake back in the late 1980’s when we were first married. Thank you for passing along this information, sad as it is, as we will pray for “The Snake” and his family.

  2. Gail Farrell Says:

    I also worked with Snake at Merrill Lynch, way back when. He was well dress, shoes shined, starched shirts, and not a hair out of place. He always made myself and Jane laugh like crazy. I was shocked to read that he passed away. I couldn’t imagine from what since he was always so healthy. What a great laugh he had.

    If I may ask, what kind of surgery did he have.

    • Don McClellan Says:

      Gail the family said Jim died one week after “abdominal surgery”, but did not give the reason for the surgery. Don

      • Gail Farrell Says:

        I received an email stating that they heard that Jim an fallen and hit his head and on the way to the hospital he had a heart attack. Also was that a picture of Snake running or was it you.

    • Cindy Gallagher Says:

      Gail — My husband, Brian, worked with the Snake at Merrill Lynchi in the Buckhead office from around 1986 – 1989. I wonder if you were there then?

      • Gail Farrell Says:

        Good Morning, I don’t believe I was. Parks Duncan was the manager at the time. Was he still the Manager at the time of your husbands employ. We were located at Tower Place in Buckhead. There was a great bunch that worked there.

  3. Gail Farrell Says:

    Thank you Don. Cold at the races – is that a picture of Snake. I’m old myself and many people would not recognize me either. It does look like his hair.

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