Without running shoes..

It’s not all that uncommon that we see someone who chooses to run barefoot in a race.

But today for the first time we saw a runner in his bedroom slippers

but not by choice.    Chris Scammon drove to the “Barrow Boogie 5K” in

Athens, Georgia wearing his bedroom footwear.   He figured to change to his well-padded

running shoes at the race.  However, he forgot to put them in his car.  He had little choice but to run the 3.1 miles in usually comfy bedroom  shoes.,,

comfortable in his house.



Chris Scammon

 But approaching the finish line, the tough ex-paratrooper said he believed that his feet had “become

acquainted with every rock” on the hilly course.  The double winner of the “Silver Star” already had proven
his courage in Vietnam.   Today (Saturday), he demonstrated it again in his bedroom slippers

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