In another OR..

Here I am today (Monday) in another Operating Room.    I’m like an old used car that keeps getting repairs so it can keep going.  Today was for cataract surgery and the implanting of a multi-focal lens   You’ll notice the little black mark above my left eye to reduce the chances of operating on the wrong eye.   There’s a book  about an infamous real  case in Atlanta where the surgeon did the wrong eye.  The book is titled, “Waking Up Blind”.  If my surgery is successful, it could eliminate the need for glasses!     I could be going back in about 3 weeks to have the second eye done.

Opthamolologist Dr. Jason Brody and his team made it an almost painless experience  It took less than 20 minutes.    Several of my friends have had the surgery.  They were encouraging.   One said it would be “a piece of cake.”    So far he’s right.

Dr. Brody with me. He’s in the mask.

The multi-lens isn’t cheap.   It’s almost 3-thousand dollars per eye (out of pocket).  Most insurance companies will pick up the tab for the mono-lens, but with a mono, you still will likely need reading glasses.


2 Responses to “In another OR..”

  1. Deanna Says:

    So is this sort of like having a contact lens permanently implanted in your eye?

  2. walter1686 Says:

    Don I’m glad to hear that your surgery went well! I’ve been diagnosed with a cataract in my right eye, but my opthamologist says it will be sometime before it will be ready to be removed.

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