Anecdotal signs…

I have two close friends whose homes sold in less than a week after they went on the market.  One is in the Virginia Highland community in northeast Atlanta.  The other is in North Carolina.  I have a report of a third home in our Smyrna, Georgi neighborhood that also attracted a buyer just a few days after the for-sale sign went up.   I haven’t been able to confirm this reported sale.   The more cautious do not consider anecdotes a basis for concluding the housing market is turning around.    But it’s been my experience that individual stories are often well ahead of the statistical reports…usually about 6 months ahead.



One Response to “Anecdotal signs…”

  1. C. Mark Willix Says:

    As a real estate agent I have been saying this for six months. And you’re exactly right. The inventory is very low, thus homes are getting multiple offers and bidding wars are the current norm. Any property priced correctly and in reasonably good condition is moving fast. Paulding County for example has less than 4 months of inventory where one year ago there was 11 months. Also, and you probably know this well Mr. McClellan, good news doesn’t generate as much revenue as gloom and doom. The housing market is in fact turning around, and save the gas situation, so is the entire economy. Of course I can remember gas prices beginning to rise in 2004. A full four years before the current administration entered office. No matter your political affiliation, things are getting better. I just wish the race of the current White House occupant didn’t offend so many people. And those people weren’t blind to the fact that America is still a great nation. She stumbled and in fact fell this time. And just as she has before, she is righting herself and will be standing tall and proud again soon.

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