George Chamberlin

George Chamberlin and I became friends many years ago after a chance meeting on a riverside running trail near Atlanta.  George and his wife, Annette, moved to Gainesville, Florida during their retirement years.  You may have read Annette’s latest book, “Sunshine in a Shady Place”.   It’s about growing up in South Georgia  George and I kept in touch through e-mail and his late son, Will.   It was almost 2 years ago that a stroke claimed Will’s life.   Each time I published a photo show about a running event, George would take time to watch it.  He always would choose a particular segment and offer a witty observation.  He particularly liked to watch the kids run.    He loved to work in his wood shop.  George would surprise me with an inscribed table or stool.  I’m looking at one now that reads, “Don McClellan.  Photographer and Runner Extraordinaire!!”. George died from natural causes  early Sunday less than a week after his 89th birthday.  George was extraordinary more than any words can describe.  I weep not for George but for those of us who will miss him so.

Postscript:   In my e-mail this morning there was an e-mail from George’s familiar e-mail address.  It was from his son, Dan.


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