Mistaking Murine (cont’d)

In a little blue couch, I carry the prescription eyedrops for my right eye recovering from cataract surgery.  Also in the bag were what I thought were over-the-counter drops for dry eyes to be used in my already recovered left eye.  The left had the cataract surgery more than a month ago..  After putting the prescription drops in my right eye, I reached for the murine drops for my left.  No sooner had I squeezed the container over my left eye than it began to burn intensely.   I screamed aloud and rushed to the sink to wash out the Murine drops.  After the pain eased, I read the label on the Murine container again.  In big bold letters was the word MURINE   Underneath in smaller letters, it tells us it’s for the ears.  I now know that all Murine is not for the eyes…..despite the advertising phrase I first heard many years ago:  “Murine for the eyes”.    If my eyes and I are going to survive, I’ll have to a better job of keeping up with the changes.


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