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Celebrating Dan

April 30, 2012

A display set up Sunday at the late WSB-TV photo-journalist Dan Casey’s memorial celebrating his life.    Dan died a little more than a week ago.  That’s Dan’s widow, Meg, in the picture with him.  Family and friends gathered at the “Living Way” church just south of Atlanta.  Dan had a more than 40-year career with WSB-TV covering news on the ground and from the air.   He lived and worked with a transplanted heart for more than 15-years…10 years more than the typical transplant patient.  Dan was a remarkable man!   We remembered him with humor, love and gratitude for being a part of our lives.



April 29, 2012

The endorphins were flowing again today (Saturday).   I ran-walked my first race in more than a month.   Hallelujah!

Electric disconnect

April 28, 2012

We were having a problem today (Friday) with an outdoor electrical outlet.  When we plugged a pond pump into the outlet, it was tripping a couple of switches in the breaker box.  My regular electrician was unavailable so I called another local company.  The telephone agent told me the price would be $59. for them to come and check it out.  Two affable, friendly men came when promised.  One of them told me the outdoor outlet did not have a junction box.  It had  worked without incident for  almost 25 years, but the electrician told me it was hazardous.  My retired engineer wife agreed.  So we wrote them a check for $327. to install a junction box.  I have no reason to doubt their integrity.  However, my years as an investigative reporter has me wondering.

Katie..beautiful Katie

April 26, 2012

My granddaughter, Katie, and I this morning (Thursday) at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport.   She and her mother, Alexia, on a layover on the way back to their home in Albuquerque.  My wife and I spent a couple of hours with them.  Katie  tried my glasses.  Who was it that first said, “if I’d known that grandkids could be so much fun, I would have had them sooner.”?

Scams on the web

April 26, 2012

WSB-TV had a story on its news today about a metro Atlanta nursing student who bought  a vehicle on the web.   It was listed as a 2008 Accura  SUV with a little more than 33-thousand miles on it.  $3800. was the asking price from a seller in New York.  She sent the money via Western Union. Weeks  later  the young woman still is waiting for the car. How, you ask, could anyone fall for such a scam?    The scammer took advantage of her wanting to find a bargain and her naivete.    It was an expensive lesson for she is not likely to repeat.  What I’m about to write is a cliche’ but nevertheless,  almost always good advice:  “If it seems to good to be true, it  probably is.” .

Memories linger

April 24, 2012

The sea andthe sounds of the sea will be my refuge until, God willing,  we return next year for another wonderful week!

We’re home!!

April 24, 2012

This plaque was on the wall of the condo where we stayed at St. Simons.   We followed instructions.

A toddler and the birds

April 23, 2012

A flock of seagulls and a toddler meet on St. Simons beach.   The toddler was curious.  The seagulls were hungry.  The toddler’s parents were nearby.  They had given their daughter food for the birds.  She flung it as far as she could, but it landed just in front of her.  She flinched as the birds approached her.  She didn’t back up.  It wasn’t long before the crumbs were gone and the birds again were on the wing.

My bride and I

April 22, 2012

send you weekend greetings from the beach at St. Simons!  Another bride and groom today, Saturday, began their married life together on the beach.   I never met  or saw them, but did see the setup in preparation for the wedding ceremony.   The marriage would be at 3 p.m, a little more than 3 hours after we left the beach.   The young man in the chair told me that he is a friend of the bride’s father.  He’s guarding the setup until the wedding party arrives.   With  the temperature headed toward  80 by wedding time, he says he may be shirtless before  the bride and groom say  “I do”.

Police training on the beach

April 21, 2012

Glynn County police training on the beach at St. Simons Island on the Georgia coast.  Training includes  naneuvering       

these Yamaha made Rhino  ATVs around a series of red cones, perhaps much like you did during your first driving test.   The  officers also concentrate  on rescues where a swimmer is  having trouble out in deeper water.   The  Glynn County officers are skilled in getting to the swimmer quickly.  Kayaks are one of the fastest ways.  I didn’t see any lifeguards on the beach so it’s especially reassuring to know that a trained officer is nearby if needed.