Falling Hard

This is Scott, Don’s son, again.  My Dad was running a road race today.  There was a steep down hill.  He lost his balance, and went down hard.  He suffered the usual road rash, but that wasn’t the big problem.   He fell on his right side attempting a football roll.   About a half-hour after he finished the run, extreme pain developed on his left side. It extends from under his arm down the hamstring to his knee.  He can get comfortable lying on his right side . However, attempting to stand up or walk causes excruciating pain.  He’s going to attempt to sleep overnight.  If the pain continues,  he will see a doctor Monday.
We would appreciate your prayers.


2 Responses to “Falling Hard”

  1. Barbara McClellan Says:

    Scott, your Dad told me recently that he still had some of the Ox-y-drops left over,,, tell him to take 20 drops in 8oz of water aboit every 2-3 hours but definitely call a Dr. in the mornimg, no matter how much better he feels. Prayers on the way as well..

  2. Deanna Says:

    Prayers for Mr. McClellan!

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