Hard-boiled egg therapy

It’s been a week since a hard fall during a run bruised, battered and pulled several muscles in my body.  Today (Saturday), a massage therapist treated me.   In addition to traditional massage, she suggested I try hard-boiled egg therapy.   She says it’s worked for her on particularly large bruises.   Instructions from her:  hard boil the egg. .. wait for it to cool so you can comfortably handle it…. rub it on the dark spot for about 20 minutes.    For her, she says the next day the spot was almost back to normal skin color.   She cracked open the egg.  It showed much of the debris that had been under her skin had been absorbed by the eggg.  Anyone ever used hard-boiled egg therapy?


2 Responses to “Hard-boiled egg therapy”

  1. Deanna Says:

    I’m sorry, but that is ridiculous!

  2. Hamish Sharp Says:

    For the doubting Thomas …..Try it.
    Not only for removing bruises but good for all over massage including face.
    After massaging with a hot or warm boiled egg peel the white off and see what has attached to the yellow.
    It is amazing and a little scary

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