Energy Healing

 With me relaxing on a table today (Friday),  a practitioner of “energy healing” puts her hands in my energy field.   She’s attempting to reduce the pain I’m feeling from a hard fall while running.   Bailey Pendergrast is a registered nurse, my friend and a  practitioner of “energy healing.  She doesn’t touch my body but rather the areas around it.  In the past, Bailey has used this technique successfully to reudce my aches and pains.    As you may know, there’s controversy about the effectiveness of “energy healing”.     My personal belief is that it works for some but not for others, perhaps depending on their degree of belief.  I believe!


3 Responses to “Energy Healing”

  1. jduncan395 Says:

    So happy to hear that it works for you! Hope your aches and pains subside to where you can run pain free again!!

  2. bailey Says:

    Thanks for the kind words,missed you today!

  3. bailey Says:

    Hope you have fun at the beach

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