Peachtree Road Race Stories

It’s less than 2 months before another running of the world famous July 4th Peachtree Road Race, the 6.2 mile run down Atlanta’s Peachtree street.   More than 55-thousand runners-walkers are expected.  F0r more than 30 years, I’ve done pre-Peachtree stories that run on WSB-Television a week before the event.  Again I’m looking for people that have overcome obstacles and are celebrating by running-walking the Peachtree.   If you have a story to tell, please give me your name and how to contact you.   As usual, I’ll also be carrying a camera along the 10K course for a runner’s perspective on the Peachtree.   Be there!


One Response to “Peachtree Road Race Stories”

  1. Jim Newman Says:

    Hi Don,

    I don’t have an unusual story to tell you but the Peachtree will be my first 10K…at the ripe “young age” of 52. .During the 10 years of I was with WSB I was always working on the 4th of July.

    I’ve been running on a treadmill pretty much every week day since I left Atlanta in 1995 and last fall I decided to “take it outside”. I now run 4 miles a day every day before work and LOVE IT!

    I miss my days in the satellite truck working with such great pros like you and Andy. WSB was indeed a special place!

    Hope to see you on Peachtree!

    Jim Newman

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