How to make sure you get your daily paper

Multi-Billionaire Warren Buffett has bought 63 mostly community newspapers from Media General.  The price was 142-million dollars.   Some are wondering how such a smart investor made such a dumb  move.  Newspapers have long been on the decline, but  most community newspapers still are showing a profit.   Local advertisers like newspapers that concentrate on local news.  Regardless of whether the newspapers make money, it’s also a way to increase the probability of having a newsaper in your driveway every morning.


One Response to “How to make sure you get your daily paper”

  1. Deanna Says:

    Isn’t this kind of what William Randolph Hearst did, then turning those papers into his own very biased, yet widely read newspaper empire? Do you think Buffett has designs on pushing an agenda in the same way?

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