Anonymous allegations?

In the comment section of this blog, a writer who identies himself as Chuck Harper wonders what my motive is in publishing “anonymous allegations” about convicted murderer Alec Evans.  Harper’s referring to a comment that came from retired Georgia Revenue and Federal ATF agent Bob Eckard.   Eckhard clearly identifies himself in his comment….hardly anonymous.


One Response to “Anonymous allegations?”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Please take a look at the external view of your blog that readers see. Your 5/25/12 entry titled “A threat from Alec Evans?” says ” A former state and federal agent writes…”. You did not name Bob Eckhard and that 5/25/12 entry is not linked to any comment from Bob Eckhard so, I think it was fair to call that anonymous. You mention a comment from Eckhard but, if you put his name in the search box, only today’s reply to my comment where you name him is found. The search engine does not search commenters names, unless you name them, as you did today. Based on your reply, I suppose if I were to open all comments from your 36 months of postings I would find his comment some place. I do question your motive for publishing an unsubstantiated threat from nearly 50 years ago. Threatening law enforcement is a crime. Did Eckhard file charges and prosecute? I think not. I am guessing that you thought that 5/25 entry title would generate interest in the unpublished book you mentioned writing. Since Truett is dead and you have not interviewed Williams or Evans, I assume the book will just be a review of old publications and nothing new? Best wishes.

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