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“You need a drink”

June 29, 2012

“You need a drink” and “I need a drink” are lines commonly written for actors.   Art often imitates life as life imitates art.   It’s a shame that art suggests that drinking alcohol is a solution for any problem.     It would be more accurately written, “you need poison”.  “I need poison”.


Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

June 29, 2012

“The final episodes of “I.Claudius”  have  just ended!  My cheers are for the writer and the cast headed by Derek Jacobi playing the title character.  The final scene has Claudius on his death bed.   He’s having a final “conversation” with the oracle, Sibyl.  It left me wanting more!

The depraved Caligula

June 27, 2012

In 1976, the BBC produced a 12-part series entitled “I, Claudius”.   It traces the history of  the Roman Empire from Augustus thru Cladius Caesar.   The BBC has released a 35th anniversary DVD of what some critics call, “one of the 100 best TV shows of all time”.   “I, Claudius” is based on  research by novelist Robert Graves.   Caligula is the Roman Emperor just before the stuttering Claudius.  Caligula’s a mess, but entertaining as portrayed by John Hurt.  There’s a wide price range for the 5-disk set.   Mine cost 27-dollars plus tax at Costco.   Watching  Hurt’s performance alone makes “I, Claudius”  more than worth it.

The President came

June 27, 2012

to Atlanta today on his way to Miami.  His mission to the Georgia was to raise money for his campaign.  His mission to Florida was to raise money and perhaps push that state’s electorate into his column come November.   He got a couple of chili dogs and french fries at the Varsity in Atlanta.  They were “to go”.  You can build up an appetite when you’re on the move.

What’s Buggin’ You?!

June 26, 2012

When I read the “Vent” section of the Atlanta Journal-Constituion, I’m reminded of its predecessor on WSB-Television.   We called it “What’s “Buggin’ You?!  We orginated several program ideas that were later emulated by the national TV  networks or by the print media.   Ray Moore was our leader when we implemented several of these innovations.  For example, Ray assigned me to investigative reporting.  I was the first TV investigative reporter in the southeast, one of only 3 in the nation.   Ray gave me the privilege of being the first “Georgia Traveler”, traveling the state reporting on unusal human-interest stories.   Several others at WSB such as Andy Johnston, Lanny Williams and Kenley Jones were “Georgia Travelers”.  Charles Kuralt examined what we were doing and launched a similar program for CBS with the entire nation as his canvas.  CBS called it “On the Road with Charles Kuralt”.

The “What’s Buggin’ You?” segment required much more work than the electronic submissions of today.   In addition to those who would come into our studios to record short comments, I would go to shopping centers.   We hauled a pretty heavy wooden lectern and set it up in the main entrance to the shopping mall.  We filmed as many “What’s Buggin’ You” pieces as we could get.   We didn’t air them all at once, but had them ready when needed.  With the electronic devices of today, is it time for another “What’s Buggin’ You”?..excluding politics and politicians.


June 24, 2012

When you were young, did you ever play the game “Major Truth”?  I’m watching a 1969 movie entitled “Last Summer”.   In it, 3 of the teenage characters play the game.  They take turns telling each other personal major truths as we did in our youth.  It was a way of bonding by sharing with your friends your deepest secrets and they theirs with you.  I haven’t seen any of those people in decades.  I remember some of what seemed like major, major truths back then, but not now.

Jog to benefit the fight against juvenile diabetes

June 24, 2012

The 5K was in Hiram, Georgia just west of Atlanta.  A humid morning had the temperatute rising to 81 degress by the 9 a.m. start time.   Along the course, a lack of direction-givers had some of us going the wrong way and beyond the 3.1 miles expected distance.  The race organizers were very affable and promised to fix the problems if we would come back next year.

Early to bed….early to rise means

June 22, 2012

I’ll be going to a Saturday morning road race.  Perhaps we’ll see each other there!

You’ve lost HOW MUCH?

June 22, 2012

Jan Flegle of Canton, Georgia has lost more than 130 pounds in preparation for walking-running. her first Peachtree Road Race.   The world known 6.2 mile distance on July 4th is down Atlanta’s Peachtree street.   We’re currently shooting Jan’s and several other people’s unusual Peachtree stories.   Jan will join almost 60-thousands others losing more weight as they sweat the world’s  largest 10K.  Our stories will begin airing on WSB-TV, channel 2 in Atlanta later this month and continue through July 3rd .

Seeking unrevealed truths

June 21, 2012

This  morning , a friend greets me with “Zippity Do  Dah Zippity Aye.   My Oh My what a wonderful day…”     He was referencing one of my earlier blogs suggesting a positive outlook on each day.    His wife told me he’d been singing the happy tune on their way to the health club where we often see each other.   My friend says they enjoy  my blog because, he guesses, they usually agree with me.   I don’t intentionally pander to my readers.   I surely don’t aspire to be a demagogue.  But my friend’s guess probably is accurate.   I appreciate all those who take the time to read.  It seems to me that both those who agree and especially those who disagree create a dynamic that might produce a heretofore unrevealed truth.